Multiple objectives and means of entrepreneurship at Finnish universities of applied sciences
Haaga-Helia Julkaisutoiminta 29.9.2017

Multiple Objectives

This article deals with the challenges and multiple objectives that entrepreneurship education (EE) in Finnish universities of applied sciences (UASs) faces today and in the near future. The challenges are based on the rapidly changing and aging society and work life, and on the business sector, which needs young entrepreneurs to compensate for those who are retiring. Media and entrepreneurship education in UASs focuses on the creation of new businesses, particularly on start-up businesses, and not so much on business transfers and other ways of entrepreneurship, which are in fact more important ways of retaining or increasing the number of enterprises that employ people.
The article also shares current thinking and information linked to the Welfare business to new hands
project, which aims at creating functional support structures for developing businesses and helping the business transfer processes of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and
small welfare businesses.
Tarja Römer-Paakkanen & Maija Suonpää
Bachelor of business administration entrance material fall 2017

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Haaga-Helia Julkaisutoiminta

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